Dawson & Jeff

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Dawson & Jeff

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Added: October 15, 2007 | Video Length: 28:12 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


Although this video lists Jeff and Dawson as the two participants, I'm sure you'll agree that there are two other very active and important players - Mister Pinky and Mister... Blue!? OK, the blue one doesn't quite yet have a name but these two colorful characters are a couple vibrating dildos that just happened to be lying around, desperate for a chance to make an appearance in a video (hehe).

We've seen Mr. Pinky before, as he and Dawson put on quite the show awhile back. Seeing just how skilled Dawson was at working that toy, I figured it was high time we get to see him use it on another CF stud!

What better CF stud to be on the receiving end of some hot, Dawson/Dildo action than Jeff, whose hole is still virgin after all his time here with us?

I guess dildos just make things more fun, as the banter between Dawson and Jeff at the beginning of this video really is priceless and a real pleasure to watch (as it was to film!). After some joking around and figuring out which toy goes where, these two blond studs finally get to the action, getting naked while making out and sucking each other off throughout. Soon, it's time for Dawson to show Jeff how to get that dildo deep up in his hole, and then it's time for vibrating Mr. Blue to go to work.

Whatever it was that Mr. Blue did to Jeff's hole certainly worked, as he blasted a massive orgasm and couldn't deny the fact that it was feeling good! Dawson had to get a taste, as well, and Mr. Blue brings him to a powerful climax also!

While filming this video and seeing Mr. Blue go to work, an oldies song popped into my head over and over again that had some lyrics that made me laugh quite a bit in the context of this video. I don't want to risk getting in trouble by including those here, but with "Mr. Blue" in mind maybe you can look up the lyrics to an oldies song and e-mail me (through the feedback links) if you think you know which one I'm talking about and which lyrics you think could quite humorously be applied. I'm curious as to whether you'll get a kick out of them also hehe.

Song or no song, I do have to say that seeing Jeff and Dawson in action is insanely hot, and damn were those dildos a ton of fun!

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