Jeff Fucks Travis

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Jeff Fucks Travis

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Added: July 7, 2008 | Video Length: 14:48 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


I'm just going to have to come out and say it - We may never, ever see Travis top ever again.

There. It's on the table.

Heck... Travis just looks so damn hot bottoming and obviously gets so much pleasure out of it, why not take every opportunity to see that, as well as give him the chance to do it?!

Travis isn't the first CF stud to discover how good it feels to get fucked. I'm sure that you can think of several off the top of your head who initially looked a bit nervous getting fucked and were certainly quite anxious about the entire thing, but who have since proven themselves not only quite skilled at it but even quite insatiable when it came to being a bottom!

It's one of the many benefits of not having some revolving-door system here where we have a guy who has never been fucked before come in for a shoot, throw loads of money at them to get them to bottom, film them in some awkward video in which they look anything but thrilled - and even in far too much pain - as they get fucked for the first time and then send them on their way. Instead, we get to be there through it all as Travis has a go at that first, awkward video, then gradually progresses to being one of CF fans' favorite bottoms, appreciating and loving it thoroughly. Logan, TJ, Caleb, Derek, and several other guys come to mind as CF studs who have made it blatantly obvious they've come to appreciate the feeling of getting fucked, and even admitted that to me in so many words.

Jeff, in fact, is among that crowd as well. When he got fucked by Lucas, it blew me away! Lucas didn't hold back, and laid into him pretty heavily! Jeff loved every minute of it, as well! Not only did that experience make Jeff a better bottom, but it also did a lot to enable him to appreciate what makes a good top, as well!

At CF, we see something incredible as the guys not only beginto realize things they never before considered could be a source of great physical pleasure, but also appreciate what it takes to deliver that kind of pleasure to another guy and do all they can to make things as hot for another male partner as it is for themselves. Watch how visibly motivated and excited guys get when their partner is cumming, for instance! Seeing a straight, top stud get fired up and turned on when the guy he's fucking is approaching orgasm and then going over the top is priceless!

With Travis and Jeff, we get two incredible specimens of man going at it, feeling good while doing it, and having fun seeing just how much their partner is into it all!

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