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Joel Fucks Jeff

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Joel Fucks Jeff

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Added: March 31, 2009 | Video Length: 21:46 Minutes | Photos: 25 Photos


We all know Joel is a super horny guy that loves to have sex, can't help but talk dirty now and then, and is almost always hard and ready to go. We also know that Jeff loves to get fucked and is one of the hottest bottoms at CF - a guy that shows you with every expression, movement, moan and groan that the feelings he gets from bottoming are intense and awesome.

So, as you can imagine, getting these two paired up with one another has the potential to create a fairly decent outcome!

Well, the action is some of the hottest I've ever filmed, to be honest, and both of these guys got so caught up in what they were doing that Joel ends up proving himself a master top and Jeff ends up having one of the most overpowering orgasms he has ever had!

Joel fucks Jeff silly here, and Jeff moans so loud with every single one of Joel's thrusts that he actually ended up turning Joel on more and more as the action progresses - Joel would pump deep and hard and continuously alter and play with his strokes and thrusts to see what kind of reaction he'd get out of Jeff. It was as if he was playing an instrument, and what he did would determine the noise and sound that came out of it! With Jeff face down on the bed, ass up, gripping on to the bed frame for dear life, Joel nails him from behind and doesn't stop from the moment he first gets his dick into Jeff's ass to the point at which he ends up fucking an awesome load out of Jeff.

Jeff's hot, white ass being split apart by Joel's tan cock is a pretty hot sight, especially when complimented by all of Jeff's moans and whimpers and all of Joel's heavy breathing and panting. Further, Jeff's hard cock bouncing up and down as he rides Joel is also a pretty hot sight!

Now, when I say that Jeff has one of the most intense orgasms he's ever had, you will see just what I mean when it's time for him to cum. His eyes actually roll back as he shoots his load, his face frozen in a priceless expression as he cums! That's more than enough to put Joel over the top, as he ends up firing off his own load all over Jeff's face and into his mouth!

These two guys can fuck, and fuck they did!

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