TJ's Tag Team

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TJ's Tag Team

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Added: July 19, 2007 | Video Length: 25:31 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


I'm just going to throw it out there right away - there's a part in this video where Jeff has both Lucas' and TJ's dicks in his mouth at the same time and that right there just about had me collapsing in disbelief and overwhelmed by the hotness of it all!

In this latest video shot while we were all up at the farm, we have 3 insanely hot guys going at it in the hayloft of an old barn that was on the property. 3 all-American straight studs having at it in the hayloft of an old barn... I have to say that while that's an admittedly cliche scenario it also turns me on like no other! In fact, I'm sure that entire scenario has become cliche because it's been something that's turned people on for so long, so often, that's why it keeps coming up! I can almost imagine a Rockwell painting just like it! hehe

What's really neat to see, beyond just 3 great guys like TJ, Lucas, and Jeff going at it and that trio's blond studs tag teaming their young, brunette buddy are the little actions and bits of initiative the guys take, on their own, that prove just how far they've come in their CF educations. Keep an eye on Jeff through this video and you'll see his cock, hands and mouth continuously find something to do and a place to put themselves. That might not sound like that big a deal, but it actually shows a great deal when it comes to just how comfortable and even into guy-on-guy action a straight stud is getting. During a threesome, it's easy for a guy to find himself somewhat left out of the action or on the sidelines. Very early in a stud's CF education, he'd likely just stand there and deal with that, stroking himself and watching things happen in front of him while unsure of what to do. When they're fully into things and comfortable with them, they'll not stand aside like that but get right into the action without needing any direction, knowing that regardless of whatever else going on between the other 2 guys there's always something to suck, grab, or stick your dick in to!

TJ and Lucas are at that stage, as well! In fact, Lucas has brought many a CF stud to that stage, being the veteran he is, and TJ has also really progressed and gone from the quiet and timid guy of his early days here to the awesome and natural performer he is now!

All in all, I firmly believe these three are three of our best-looking young guys and with this trio engaged in a tagteam, there are just so damn many reasons to be happy! :)

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