Derek Fucks Jared

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Derek Fucks Jared

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Added: September 27, 2007 | Video Length: 25:27 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


I hope Jared realizes just what a lucky young man he is! Not only did we recently see Logan go wild and crazy on Jared's cock for his first ever shot at topping another guy, but here he is about to lose his cherry with the ever passionate, energetic and downright sexy Derek!

Jared was visibly a good bit nervous at the outset of this video, but that's all the more reason why Derek was the perfect guy to fuck him for the very first time. We know Derek can perform and have sex like no other, but what we see here is just how great Derek can be at seducing!

The foreplay is really mind-blowing between these two, as Derek goes out of his way to put Jared at ease and get him warmed up. The guys kiss deeply and passionately, and Derek also takes his sweet time prepping Jared's hole and getting it ready for a hot fuck.

I think every guy would be damn lucky to lose their cherry to Derek! I was practically weak in the knees seeing the care he took in getting Jared prepped! When Derek ever so slowly slides his cock into Jared's tight hole, I about lost it! Gradually, Derek begins to speed up and pretty soon, he's pumping away fast and deep and he pushes Jared over the edge!

I have to say, as well, that few things are as hot as the look on a really hot young guy's face while they're getting fucked. Sometimes I have to remind myself to film some of the actual fucking and not focus entirely and exclusively on the bottom's face to capture every single expression throughout the entire act. Jared's face doesn't disappoint in this video, as every movement from Derek has Jared's expression responding. Certainly, Derek picked up on it all and knew exactly what to do not just in response to Jared's expressions, but also to get out of Jared the expressions he wanted.

If we were to ever assemble a "CF's Art of Seduction" instructional video, I think this video would just about cover it!

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