Corbin Fisher

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(5.0/5.0 Avg rating)

  • AGE: 18
  • SHOE: 11
  • HEIGHT: 6'1''
  • WEIGHT: 150
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 7.5
  • CUT: YES

Jared is endearing and charismatic enough without me going on and on about what a great personality the guy has and without my explaining just why it is "The Good Kid" is such a fitting Dean's List nickname for him. But he's worth praising and he definitely deserves to have it all laid out here - he's as friendly and nice as he is cute and hot!

When Jared's at a shoot or around the studio, he's constantly doing all he can to help people out. Further, he genuinely cares about doing everything possible to satisfy his fans and make his videos as hot as can be. After every scene he's in, Jared will come up and ask, "Did I do a good job? Was there anything I could do better?". He not only accepts feedback and constructive criticism, but actively solicits it. He wants to please, and it shows in his videos!

Jared is by no means the only guy at CF that goes out of his way to be helpful and seek out advice on how to perform at his best and really make his fans happy. But even among so many stellar performers and guys, Jared still manages to stand out by just how out of his way he goes to please!

I got a kick out of just how it was we came to discover this hot, lean, tall, shaggy-haired young man. It was his cousin, Rick, that was originally scheduled to come out for a shoot. A few days before he was to get on a plane to shoot with us, Rick casually mentioned he had a cousin that might be interested in shooting with us, as well. When he sent me Jared's photos, I immediately knew he was a perfect fit for CF and invited him down, as well! I don't think any of us knew then just what potential Jared had and how popular he'd become, but I certainly knew he looked great and I wanted to film him!

Jared has shared quite a bit with us since he first arrived at CF! We've seen him not only in action with his fellow CF studs, but he also brought his girlfriend down for a shoot so we could see the both of them go at it. He knew that would be something we might find hot, and so took it upon himself to make the suggestion they come down together and put on a show for us - again, eager and ready to please!

Funny enough, even Jared's trademark hair became involved in his eagerness to make his fans happy and do the best he could! He got it cut down quite short, getting rid of that long, wavy hair he's so associated with! He did so thinking fans would enjoy the new look, and indeed many did! Most, however, were shocked he'd cut off what had really been one of his trademarks, and so he immediately set about growing it back to keep people happy!

Long hair or no, though, it's that tight body, incredible face, big dick and his enthusiastic performances that are as much trademarks to Jared's style and persona than anything else, and he's earned himself a spot on CF's Dean's List because of them all!

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