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Added: August 6, 2007 | Video Length: 16:14 Minutes | Photos: 8 Photos


Interestingly enough, Jared is Rick's cousin! As I was talking to Rick about coming out for a shoot he mentioned he had a cousin who might be up for coming out to shoot with us as well.

"Sorry, I'm not the least bit interested," I said.

OK, just kidding! "Sounds great! What's he look like?" I asked. Rick sent a few pics of Jared over and I immediately said "Absolutely!" Mind you, Jared's leaner than most of the guys we work with. He is a dedicated track athlete, running a lot and putting that 6'1'' frame of his to work at the high jump and other events. His chest is wonderfully defined, with great pecs and every single muscle cut and accented. Just seeing this tall, lean, young athlete walk around without a shirt on is a sight to behold!

Careful when you have cousins Rick and Jared together at the same time, though! Nothing but mischief ensues. In fact, I *had* a dune buggy at the house that I let them hop on (don't worry! All releases and insurance matters were in order! haha) and it wasn't 10 seconds before they'd run it into a tree and put a big bruise on Jared's hot butt and practically snapped the unlucky dune buggy in half. Can I claim the loss as a business expense? ;)

As sad as I was to see the dune buggy go, I was nonetheless thrilled to have Jared down and shooting with us and all the more thrilled when he revealed during his solo that he had let a guy blow him once and would likely be up for it again if given the chance. He confidently states, in that hot voice and style of speaking he has, that he's straight and I don't doubt it for a second. But that he's not opposed to the idea of having fun when fun may present itself in the form of another guy certainly makes for some great possibilities with Jared here at CF! For a young man of 18, he is comfortably sexual and quite energetic and expressive in this solo, and I can't wait to see that passion in some action!

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