Jared's First Time

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Jared's First Time

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Added: August 27, 2007 | Video Length: 16:25 Minutes | Photos: 8 Photos


No doubt about it, Jared could very well be on his way to CF stardom! All the ingredients are in place: a great face, a great body, a great cock, a great attitude, and a great presence in front of the camera. All that is really needed on top of that, in order for CF stardom to be assured, is a willingness to try things out and give the CF Education a shot.

Well, Jared's doing just that in this video with Nick!

It's fitting that Nick's the one breaking Jared in, as Nick is our most recent Dean's List honoree! After all the votes were tallied, Nick was far, far out in the lead and for good reason! He's come a long way since first arriving here at CF and has won an army of fans over with those looks, that charm, that body and cock, and the brilliant sight of seeing him in action.

Nick switches things up a bit in this video, and focuses on getting Jared off with a killer handjob after some quick sucking to get him warmed up. I really love the image of a hot young college man stroking off another to climax. As blatantly sexual as the act is, it also retains a bit of innocence and maintains enough restraint that I'd imagine it's the way in which a lot of men have been brought off by a guy for the very first time and that among those Kinsey statistics, handjobs from a buddy make up a big chunk! It's reserved, yet overt; it's involved and engaged yet still at a safe distance.

Furthermore, as odd as it may sound, getting jerked off by another guy is one of the most intimate acts possible, if you ask me! Sex, by definition, involves 2 (or more! hehe) partners. It's a given that someone else has to be involved. But jerking off is usually something done alone and to oneself, and so letting another guy in on that most private and personal act and having them be the one to get you off in a way that's heretofore involved yourself and yourself alone is pretty special! It certainly was for Jared, as he wraps his arm around Nick and pulls them closer together the more he approaches his awesome orgasm!

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