Dru Fucks Josh

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Dru Fucks Josh

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Added: October 22, 2009 | Video Length: 21:52 Minutes | Photos: 23 Photos


Today's update brings together two of our hot, young, blond studs for some incredible action and I have a feeling you're going to thoroughly enjoy it! Heck, even Josh and Dru could not have had more fun during the action here, as Dru got to bury that big dick of his in Josh and Josh loved every second (and inch!) of it!

Josh is among our newest Dean's List honorees, and the action here highlights just why he earned so many votes from fans and received the honor! He surrenders that tight, defined and smooth body to Dru right from the start, and the look on his face betrays the fact that he can hardly wait for Dru to start fucking him! The guys don't just kiss at the outset, but look like they're attacking one another's tongues with their own, making out passionately and deeply as they gradually strip each other's clothes off.

Josh's cock is the first one to pop out, and Dru quickly goes down on it and starts to suck it as deep as he can. In no time, Josh's dick is rock hard and pointed upwards, with Dru's head bobbing up and down on it. Josh starts to pant louder and louder as Dru eagerly sucks his dick, and the two can't keep their hands off one another either. Dru strokes Josh's cock while sucking on his balls, then licks up the shaft to again swallow the head and slide his lips down to take as much of it in his mouth as he can.

Eager to return the favor, Josh then literally throws Dru down on the bed, and Dru's final bits of clothes quickly get shed as Josh then takes Dru's cock into his mouth to suck it and get it wet. Josh takes every single inch of Dru's dick down his throat as he moves up and down on it, and Dru can't help but stare down and watch as his whole cock disappears into Josh's mouth!

Every time Josh deepthroats Dru's cock, Dru moans loudly. He's probably not used to getting his whole dick swallowed like that, given just how big it is! But he really gets the royal treatment from Josh here - even finding Josh more than receptive as he starts to thrust his hips up fast, fucking Josh's mouth hard!

The intense throat-fucking is a sign of things to come, and we know both these guys are so worked up now that they won't hold anything back once the fucking starts!

After some more passionate kissing while they rub their big, thick dicks together, Josh gets on to his back and throws his legs up in the air as Dru guides his cock into his hole and starts to fuck him. From the look on Josh's face, he could not possibly be enjoying this more! Indeed, that hard dick of his is another sign of just how much he's loving this! Dru starts to pick up the pace of his fucking and is soon driving that big cock of his in and out of Josh's ass, and all Josh can do is moan, "Harder!".

Dru happily obliges, and starts to fuck Josh even harder and faster! Josh is really getting drilled now, taking every one of Dru's hard thrusts! Unable to keep from kissing, the only time the hard pounding really pauses is when they lock lips!

The guys move around to where both are standing, with Josh bent over so Dru can fuck him from behind. Josh's dick is still as hard as can be now, as is Dru's as he slides it deep into Josh's ass! With Josh bracing himself against the bed, Dru again starts to fuck Josh hard and fast, a steady beat of flesh pounding flesh filling the room as Dru pumps forward and Josh's cock bounces around.

This position really highlights the difference between these two hot guys' frames, the shorter Josh getting railed from behind by tall Dru. It's quite the visual seeing Dru work Josh over like that!

As they move back on to the bed, Josh resting one leg on Dru's shoulders as Dru fucks him, the contrast is again quite apparent! I'm sure it was the last thing on their minds, though, each consumed only with the incredible feelings they were giving one another.

With Dru continuing to pump in and out of Josh's hole, Josh's moans get louder and louder and it's clear he's about to shoot - and shoot he does! He starts to fire off a massive load, spraying cum everywhere and drenching his whole chest!

Not to be outdone, Dru soon follows up with his own big load - firing volley after volley of cum into Josh's mouth and all over his lips and chin as Josh does his best to swallow every drop he can! Neither wants to end it there, though, and Josh keeps sucking on Dru's dripping dick for awhile before the two share some messy kissing!

We follow the two into the shower as they get cleaned up and again can't keep their hands off of one another. They wash each other off, dry each other up, make out a bit more, and play around a bit!

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