Dru Fucks Travis Part Two

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Dru Fucks Travis Part Two

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Added: September 24, 2009 | Video Length: 03:31 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


Well, if we didn't know Dru was a tremendously horny and sexual young man after we first met him in his intro solo (who could forget his leaving Pete speechless with his flirtatious words at the end of his hot jerk off session?), we certainly saw how much he loves sex when he made his scorching hot debut over at ACS! If there somehow managed to be the slightest, lingering doubt after that one, it's put to rest here! He and Travis have at one another in an all out, intense duo that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Dru loves to fuck! Who better to help us find that out than Travis?

These two are all over each other right from the start, looking like they're trying to swallow one another's faces as they make out and kiss. I couldn't have gotten them to draw out the foreplay if I tried (and... I didn't try!) because they were whipping their dicks out and working their way up to fucking as soon as they possibly good. We know full well that Travis was eager to get Dru's dick in him, and it was clear Dru simply couldn't wait to bury his cock in Travis!

"What do you want me to do with this?", Travis asks Dru when he pulls Dru's big dick out of his shorts.

"Anything you want!", Dru replies, continuing, "I know what I'm going to do with it!". We know what he's going to do with it, too!

Though it doesn't last long, their sucking and swallowing each other's dicks is certainly an indicator of the kind of fucking that's set to follow, as they literally attack one another's cocks with their mouths as if they're seeing who can choke themselves the hardest on a stiff cock. The instant either of them gets their dick out from underneath their clothes, in fact, the other instantly dives in to swallow it as fast as he can! They just couldn't keep off one another! Usually we don't start to hear Travis really gasping, grunting and groaning until he's getting his ass fucked, but here he is as vocal as ever while Dru sucks his cock!

Again, though, this one is all about the fucking! After they're done blitzing each other's cocks with their mouths and are sufficiently warmed up and ready - and that didn't take long at all - Travis gets on his hands and knees so Dru can start to slide his big dick in to his hole and fuck him. Dru can tell Travis loves this (and we even clued him in to the fact that Travis thoroughly enjoys getting fucked beforehand, as Dru lets slip!) so he wastes no time starting to really pound Travis hard, pumping and thrusting fast and deep and making the bed squeak (or maybe "squeal" would more accurately describe the noises!) like mad!

It's not just the bed that's squealing, though! If we didn't know Travis so well, we might think he's barely managing to handle the fast, hard fuck Dru is delivering and is on the verge of begging him to stop. But we know those gasps, groans and whimpers coming from Travis are those of pure pleasure. His rockhard dick confirms that!

When they work their way to Travis on his back, legs in the air while Dru fucks him, the visual is truly intense. We knew Dru had a big dick but it was looking bigger than ever here and you almost have to wonder how Travis was taking it at all! Even Travis can't help but let out an incredulous, "Whoooaaaa!".

At this point, it's all Travis can do to hold on to the sheets as tight as he can while Dru mercilessly drills his hole and fucks the heck out of him. Dru can't help but tease Travis, though, slowing down and gently moving his dick in and out of Travis, and then gradually amping up the pace and power - all to the delight of Travis as his volume picks up in sync to the speed of Dru's thrusts. Dru has this big smirk on his face, clearly enjoying the fact that Travis so obviously loves having his dick in him and is so responsive to everything he's doing.

Travis simply can't take the teasing, slow pumps though and practically yells out, "Fuck me!!" as Dru's cock gets him closer and closer to cumming! We've seen Travis have some intense orgasms before, but the one here is wild! He's entirely overcome and overwhelmed by it as he starts to blast a massive load through the air and all over himself, screaming as he does it and tearing at the sheets! Dru finds it all hot as hell, pistoning that big dick in and out of Travis's hole before pulling his cock out to blast off his own load before Travis has even had a chance to cum down from his orgasm!

Caked in both their huge loads, Travis can't help but reach out and squeeze some more cum out of the cock that just got done fucking the heck out of him, and he stares at it like he's about to propose to it!

We just couldn't leave it at that, though, and follow the guys in to the shower where they clean up, recover, and again can't keep their hands off one another!

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