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Elijah & Simon Tag Team Travis

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Elijah & Simon Tag Team Travis

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Added: December 17, 2009 | Video Length: 21:50 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


The instant this one starts rolling, I think the look on Travis' face tells it all. He's sporting a big, wide smile as he looks at Simon and leans in to kiss him. He knows he's in for a good time, and can hardly wait for it all to begin!

Both Elijah and Simon know they're in for some real fun, as well! They're no strangers to tag-teaming someone together - we saw them both take turns fucking the heck out of a girl, and then saw them work Dru over in a hot, tag-team threesome! Both know they have a lot of fun sharing a hole together, and so each was looking forward to taking turns fucking Travis!

It would be hard to guess which one was looking forward to it more, though! Simon has fucked Travis already, so knows Travis is an eager bottom that thoroughly loves getting drilled. He knew he could have some fun here, and knew just how much of a good time could be had with Travis. Elijah, on the other hand, had never been with Travis before! This is actually the first time Travis and Elijah are getting in to some action with one another, despite their both being fixtures at CF! No doubt, Elijah had heard what fun Travis can be, though, so was incredibly eager to finally get the chance to plug him!

Travis is having a blast with it all. As their clothes come off and he starts sucking on them, it's as if he can't keep up with all the hard dick around him, while unable to get enough of it all at the same time! He furiously goes back and forth between sucking the brothers' cocks, looking like he just doesn't know which one he wants in his mouth. Simon's and Elijah's dicks are dripping with spit, as is Travis' chin, while he swallows one, then immediately turns his head to engulf the other, and continues to do this over and over amidst the deep moans and slurping noises filling the room.

Finally, he's able to focus on one dick, sucking on Elijah while Simon moves around to start to play with Travis' hole. Simon rims him, flicks his tongue in, out, and around his hole, and then buries a finger deep in Travis, getting a loud moan from him. Figuring that Simon has already laid claim to fucking Travis' ass first, Elijah makes the most of it by treating Travis' mouth and throat to some good fucking. All the while, Travis is enjoying every second of it and more than ready for whatever else the guys have in store for him!

After all the rimming and fingering, Simon is ready to get up behind Travis and bury his dick in his ass. He slides his cock in to Travis' hole and immediately goes balls-deep before starting to thrust in and out. Spit-roasted between these two life-long buds, Travis energetically sucks one dick while another plows his ass.

Soon, Elijah says it's his turn to fuck Travis, so he and Simon trade places. While Simon is telling Travis, "Suck that dick!" at one end, Elijah is drilling his hole at the other. Flesh slapping, deep moaning and Travis' hungry slurping are nonstop, as Elijah just keeps fucking Travis harder and harder. At times, he pulls his dick all the way out just so he can drive it right back in, then focuses on a hard, steady fuck that is driving Travis wild.

One of the hottest things about all of it now is the look on Travis' face! Elijah is fucking him hard, and part of Travis wants to just grit his teeth, bury his face in the cushions, and take it all. Simon's hard dick in his face is just too much to resist, though, and he tries with all his might to keep focused on sucking him despite being completely overwhelmed by what Elijah's doing to his ass.

The brothers get Travis on to his back, and Elijah slowly slides his cock back in to him, teasing him with every inch of it. Once Elijah gets his cock all the way in Travis' ass, he resumes his hard, fast, powerful fucking, Travis' whole body bouncing around with each thrust. All the while, Simon has his hand wrapped around Travis' dick, stroking.

Imagine what Travis must be feeling as the combination of Elijah's cock pounding his hole and Simon's hand stroking his dick gets him closer and closer to blowing his load. His moans get louder and louder, and he begs Elijah to fuck him.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh my God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!", he yells, and then starts to blast a massive load all over! Elijah just keeps fucking him harder, Simon stroking him faster, as they work every drop out of Travis' exploding cock! Elijah then pulls out to shoot his own load, further drenching Travis' abs in cum. Soaked in two loads already, Travis then gets painted with a third as Simon's grunts and moans announce his own orgasm and his dick starts to shoot!

"Oh, fuck!", is all Travis can say after it all, clearly having just experienced something he loved every second of!

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