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Elijah's First Time

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Elijah's First Time

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Added: March 25, 2009 | Video Length: 22:05 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Elijah just keeps growing on me more and more each day. Granted, I liked him a lot the first time he came out to shoot with us and had already won me over with those looks, that body, that accent, and demeanor. But the more time I got to spend around him, the more fun and laughs we had.

As you may recall from Elijah's tag team video over on ACS with his brother Simon, there was a moment in the video where Simon was fucking the girl and then says to Elijah, "You want to take a schwak (sp?) at it?" It was all I could do to not crack up at that, and apparently Elijah and Simon couldn't refrain from laughing their heads off at it when they watched the video later on. While it was hot - seeing just how comfortable and easygoing they were in front of one another, how much fun they were having tag teaming a girl, and how they even had some lingo for the occasion - it was also just hilarious!

Ever since then, I've been using every opportunity to throw the word "schwak" at Elijah. I'm not even sure if that's how you spell it (nor is he, mind you!) but it looks about right. A guaranteed way to get a hearty, cute laugh out of Elijah nowadays is to say "schwak" around him - at dinner, "Are you gonna be taking a schwak at a salad or just skip right to the entree?"; in the morning, "I could take a schwak at some coffee right now!"; and before his scene here with Jared, where he fucks a guy for the very first time ever, "Gonna unleash the schwak attack? Schwak him like a schwak rabbit?"

Maybe it's more fun for us than it is to read it hehe. But the way in which Elijah approaches most any situation eager and ready to laugh and have fun with it is a huge part of why he's here with Jared, fucking a guy for the very first time, and clearly having so much fun at it. Elijah doesn't hesitate to moan and groan as Jared does things that make him feel good. While Jared is giving him head, he has no problem putting his hand on Jared's head to help guide him. In and of themselves, those aren't very profound acts. But in the context of a hot, young college stud's very first time with another man, they're a degree of interaction and reaction that we don't often see! Elijah loves sex, is comfortable with himself, knows what feels good, made up his mind that he was going to give this a shot, and so figured, "Why hold back once I got to it? Might as well make the most of it!" Schwak away!

Once Jared lowers himself onto Elijah's dick, and Elijah feels another guy's ass wrapped around his cock for the first time ever, both of these guys are having fun and feeling good. While we had plenty of requests for this pairing on account of each of these guys having longer, shaggy hair, it turns out they were compatible with one another for other reasons as well - Jared wanted Elijah to fuck him harder and faster, and asks him to do just that as he is riding Elijah, and Elijah was more than willing and able to oblige!

Jared really gets a royal fucking from Elijah while bent over doggy style, and Elijah is clearly loving the feel of another guy's ass. He fucks fast and hard, then slows down some to take it easy on Jared for a little while before resuming the fast-paced drilling. Dare I say it... he schwaks the heck out of Jared!

When it comes time for Elijah to blow his load, it's Jared's mouth and cock that get him off and seeing him writhe and whimper while he shoots his load into Jared's mouth was pretty hot! Likewise, watching Jared blow his own load while nursing Elijah's cock was pretty hot. As much as this vid is about Elijah's first time, Jared also shows himself to be quite the teacher and there's no doubt he made an impression upon Elijah!

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