Joel Fucks Travis

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Joel Fucks Travis

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Added: June 10, 2010 | Video Length: 15:29 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Joel is back! Joel… is… BACK! You've missed him. I've missed him. Travis most definitely missed him! One of our most recent Dean's List additions recently found himself able to make it back out to CF for some hot action, and this insanely hot video is the result!

Fans of Joel (and there are many!) know that this young man is a total stud, and loves to fuck! He is The Enthusiast, after all, and reminds us of what a fitting Dean's List title that is as he practically attacks Travis with his hands and mouth as the cameras get rolling here! To say Travis was terribly eager to be on the receiving end of whatever it was that Joel was set to deliver would be a tremendous understatement! No doubt, Travis remembered their last time together, remembered getting the daylights drilled out of him by Joel, and just couldn't wait to have that happen again!

Their first session together, so long ago, was nothing compared to the action here, though! Since their last pairing, it's as if Joel has become even more horny and more aggressive, while Travis has become more insatiable and even desperate for dick in his ass! In seeing these two go at it, you can't help but think they each spent every single day since their last time together eagerly awaiting and longing for the opportunity to get back together; Joel longing for the chance to get that cock of his buried deep in Travis' ass again, and Travis constantly obsessing over the opportunity to get his hole drilled by Joel again!

Well, they make up for all that lost time here, and Joel ends up mercilessly pounding a moaning, groaning, whimpering Travis hard, fast and deep! His own cock totally stiff as his ass gets pounded, Travis keeps begging for more and more, finally breaking out in to screams and yells as Joel strokes a huge load out of his cock while pumping his hole!

Travis couldn't look or sound any more hungry for Joel's load as Joel then starts to blast cum all over his face and in to his mouth! Travis so wanted Joel's load in his mouth, in fact, that finally getting it causes him to blow yet another load of his own! His face dripping with Joel's cum and his ripped chest soaked in two of his own loads, Travis can't help but confess just how glad he is that Joel has returned to CF - a sentiment we all share, no doubt!

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