Joel Fucks Travis

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Joel Fucks Travis

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Added: August 18, 2008 | Video Length: 15:30 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


I think we've firmly established that Joel loves to use the word "fuck"! A friend of mine wrote in about his copious use of the word in his Unscripted video awhile back, and so I couldn't help but think about that while filming this video and hearing him say it over and over.

Thankfully, his use of the word takes place in perfect context here and about the only thing he does in this video more than say the word "fuck" is... well... fuck!

With Travis - a young stud that totally loves to get fucked - at the receiving end and uber horny Joel on top doing the drilling, conditions are in place for a perfect storm of sweating, pounding, pumping, and cumming! Indeed, Joel fucks Travis hard and steady and the looks on both of these guys' faces are priceless! There was a real connection between them and there's no denying they were turning each other on. Even during the foreplay, you could tell some intense stuff was brewing as Joel was practically devouring Travis' cock, all the while sporting a huge boner before he even came close to taking off his own pants!

When Travis first arrived, he was a bit shy and nervous but has since become one of the most eager and enthusiastic bottoms on the site - something that totally blew me away and that I'd never expected would happen when we first met and filmed him! Further, with Joel, we have a young man that doesn't so much ooze as burst with sexual energy! He's our latest, perma-horny addition that doesn't just engage in sex, but darn near attacks it! I have to say, it's great having both of these studs here at CF!

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