Lucas Fucks Travis

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Lucas Fucks Travis

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Added: May 14, 2008 | Video Length: 19:40 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Lucas - CF veteran and one of the most popular CF studs of all time.

Travis - A new arrival to CFU who has quickly become a hit and taken the site by storm.

And now, here they are together, for one heck of a hot fuck session. :)

For a guy who doesn't have to look too far back into the past to a time before he'd ever bottomed for a man, Travis looks entirely at home here and, dare I say it, like he's never felt so much pleasure.

Can you blame him, though, when being worked over by Lucas? Lucas takes charge from the start, bending Travis every which way to get him warmed up for the pounding. I know I'll never get the image of Lucas feeding Travis his cock or Travis' ass and legs up in the air while Lucas rims his hole out of my head! Hell, I know I never want to get those images out of my head :)

By the time Lucas gets his dick into Travis, our young newcomer was already set to blow his load and, in fact, does just that pretty quickly. And it's a huge load!

Indeed, this is some of the most intense foreplay I've ever had the pleasure to film and I think both guys were just a few pumps away from cumming by the time the fucking started. By the end of it all, Travis' whole upper body is absolutely drenched in his own load and his face is totally glazed with Lucas'!

Among the top 5 vote-getters for the next Dean's List honoree, Travis is on top. What's more, he's also the newest model among the top 5. We didn't even know him 6 months ago. Yet, here he is giving up his whole to Lucas and making it totally clear that, with Lucas' help, he's truly discovered just how much fun the CF Education can be!

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