Tagging Travis II

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Tagging Travis II

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Added: December 10, 2008 | Video Length: 17:21 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


After Travis took both Jeff's and Derek's dick in his ass at the same time in their recent tag team video, I just had to ask him how it felt to him. It was only the second double-penetration we've ever had here on ACM, and I was still amazed it had happened.

"What was it like?" I asked.

"I don't know," Travis replied, with his trademark sheepish smile and shy laugh. "I'm still kind of amazed I did it at all. It wasn't easy. I'm not entirely sure I'd do it again."

I managed to cobble together some of the footage of that intense 3-way and pulled it up on my computer to show it to him. I wanted him to see what it looked like from a different perspective and how amazingly hot it was.

Pointing at the screen, the image of Travis riding Derek's dick while Jeff pumped him from behind, I remarked, "Look how hard your dick is!"

"Oh man!" Travis exclaimed, his eyes as wide as could be and that sheepish smile breaking into a huge grin. He'd noticed, as I (and I'm sure many of you!) did, that he was as hard as I think we'd ever seen him, his already-big dick looking like it was about to burst.

"I guess I liked it more than I thought," he said, chuckling.

Travis certainly has discovered he enjoys getting fucked, and we've moved far beyond that learning stage to the point where he's getting to experience the incredible sensations he gets from it to the max. While there's no double fuck in this scene with Cade and Brent, we are treated (and Travis is treated!) to the incredible sight of both Cade and Brent being dominant and aggressive and working over Travis' mouth and ass hard, fast, and deep - and Travis loves it!

Things really do get incredibly intense, and Cade and Brent were really pushing each other to see who could be more dominant and aggressive. They were also, I think, testing out just how far along with it all Travis would go. There was a moment, I have to admit, that I thought to myself, "I hope Travis is enjoying this!" I didn't want things to be too wild for him! One look at his cock, though, put any questions to rest. He was digging it! With Cade's thick cock drilling him at one end and Brent's long, curved dick pounding him from the other, Travis kept getting hornier and hornier to the point where blasted off a massive load all over the place! That was simply too much for Brent, as he then pulls out to totally drench Travis' back in his own load. All of that, along with Travis' lips, tongue, and hand are enough to send Cade over the edge as well!

After this session, I again had to ask Travis how it all felt.

"Those guys are intense!" was his reply. He went on to add that even beyond the physical sensations, there's just something that is incredibly hot about letting your partner (or partners) take charge. The exhibitionist in him admitted, as well, that he couldn't help but think throughout the course of the action that people would be watching it and turned on by it and that, in and of itself, made things pretty hot and intense! No doubt, Brent and Cade thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of it also, while at the same time getting to work over one of the hottest asses at CF!

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