Tagging Travis

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Tagging Travis

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Added: October 8, 2008 | Video Length: 16:26 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Well, I might as well mention this right at the top - this video includes something we've only filmed once before in the history of CF! What, among our hundreds and hundreds of videos, could that possibly be? Two dicks! One hole! :)

Travis has taken to bottoming like a duck to water since the very first time he got fucked here at CF, and there's no doubt he absolutely loves the feeling of a nice, hard dick in his ass. Whenever he's getting fucked, he looks like he's on the verge of orgasm throughout. It would not be an exaggeration to state that, when it comes to sex, he likes bottoming more than anything else. Viewers have noticed it just as much as Travis has come to realize that, and just as much as the fellow CF studs who've had a turn at topping Travis have noticed it!

Here, we're treated to the awesome sight of Jeff and Derek taking turns on Travis' ass. Travis is on the receiving end of a double-team from two of CF's hottest and most popular studs and, throughout this video, it's almost impossible to figure out which one of these guys you want to look at the most and focus on! Each is insanely hot and totally into the action they're engaged in!

Getting Travis double-fucked - with both Jeff and Derek filling his hole up with their dicks at the same time - isn't something I set out to do at the beginning of this video. Mind you, I've thought about filming it again after the very first DP we ever had (where Jesse was on the receiving end during a super hot 4way) but it's easier said than done, and it's not just something you can throw out there to the guys and say, "Let's give this a shot!"

I'd only intended this video be a tag team, but after standing there filming Jeff and Derek having their way with Travis' hole the idea popped into my head that, if there would be any time to give another DP a shot, this was it! The physics of it all isn't usually the biggest hurdle, so much as the psychology of it. The guys just can't think of it as being even possible, much less being the one to try it out. It just didn't seem like that would be a problem with Travis, though. I couldn't help but think that while he'd be somewhat freaked out by the idea, he'd be so intrigued by it and curious about it as well that he just might agree to it! When you absolutely, totally love having a dick pounding away at your ass, you're probably a bit more likely to at least consider having two dicks pounding your ass together!

So, during a short pause in filming, I threw the idea out there. Jeff's and Derek's eyes got as wide as saucers, both clearly thinking to themselves, "That's just not possible." The look on Travis' face, once I'd suggested it, was more one of - as I'd suspected - intrigue! With that trademark shy laugh of his, he asked, "Can that be done?!"

"It can be," I responded.

"Wow!" was all he could say in response.

I told the guys it wasn't required and that they didn't have to do it, but to feel free to give it a shot if the urge hit. With that, we got back to filming and Travis mounted Derek's cock to ride him good and hard. Well... that was the perfect position to give it a try if they were going to at all! And Jeff realized that right away! Without saying a word, he got his own cock lubed up, slapped a condom on, and got into position to slide his dick into Travis' hole right along with Derek's. Travis didn't protest, Derek looked up like he could hardly believe it was going to happen, and before we knew it Travis had both guys' cocks fucking him!

I confess, there isn't an hour of footage of Travis getting double-fucked here. It lasted several minutes, tops. But check out how hard Travis' cock was while it was happening! Dare I say it; I think his dick grew about 2 inches when he had 2 cocks in him! He liked it, and the whole thing had him totally ready to cum! Indeed, once Jeff pulls out and Derek gets Travis on his back so he can fuck him some more, Travis came right away. Jeff and Derek weren't spared the excitement, either, as Derek shot immediately after Travis and Jeff shoots immediately after Derek!

All three of these guys end this video totally drenched in sweat, totally blown away by what happened, and totally impressed, no doubt, with what can be accomplished when you get two hard and horny dicks together with an eager asshole!

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