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Added: October 2, 2006 | Video Length: 20:21 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


Trevor is armed with some damn good genes! Not only does he have a great face, but he's also got a wonderfully lean body, great pecs, an ass to die for, and is quite tall. This young man is hot through and through!

Not only does Trevor look hot as hell, but this young straight stud just oozes even more hotness when you sit down to talk to him. As you'll hear in his interview, he's a studly fraternity guy who's been having himself a pretty wild time in college and doesn't shy away from pursuing and getting wild with the ladies! Ah... college! In fact, Trevor showed up to shoot with us a whole day later than originally planned because he'd ended up partying like crazy with some of his fraternity brothers the night before! I didn't mind, though! He's definitely hot enough to forgive a little tardiness ;) And I had so much fun listening to the stories of all his wild female conquests during and after fraternity parties in his interview that all I could think of was how hot this straight fraternity guy is and how I'd like him to come back as a promiscuous sorority girl in my next life! hehe

I'm hoping to hell Trevor will be up for coming back to shoot some more videos with us, and give us a shot at seeing just how wild a straight fraternity stud can be! We've all heard stories about the fun things that happen in college fraternities, and the whole "fraternity experimentation" thing has even become quite cliche. Though Trevor's quite adamant the wild, sexual fun he and his fraternity brothers get into is entirely limited to guy on girl (and I definitely believe him), hopefully different things might happen here at CFU ;)

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