Trevor Fucks Joel

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Trevor Fucks Joel

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Added: July 30, 2008 | Video Length: 12:08 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Joel is one horny young guy! I about died laughing when a member of the site - you know who you are! - e-mailed me to say, "Do you realize that in Joel's 'Unscripted' video, he said the word 'fuck' 87 times? That worked out to one f-bomb every 8 seconds!"

That's a pretty impressive statistic! What can we say? Joel's horny, likes to show off, and likes to be a bit dirty on camera... and I have no problems with that!

Joel has a ton of sexual energy and we saw that energy in action not just in his swear-heavy Unscripted vid, but also in his initial solo as well as his scorching hot duo with Derek. We see that sexual energy again, here, with Joel taking on one of the biggest cocks in the CF stable - Trevor's!

Trevor's so tall and lean that we often overlook just what a big dick he has. It suits his tall frame perfectly, however, and gives some legitimacy to the old stereotype that tall, lean guys are always packing! However, Trevor's big dick led to a strange situation when it came to the kind of action he'd most often get involved in here on CF - it was too big for most guys to take on, so he ended up doing a lot more bottoming than one might have imagined! We've been fixing that situation as of late, though, and here's the latest session in which Trevor gets to unleash that dick on a tight hole! :)

Despite his never having bottomed in front of our cameras before, I knew Joel wouldn't be scared of Trevor's cock and would instead be more than ready and eager to take it on, and take it on he does! Right from the start, both studs are horny as hell and the look on Joel's face makes you think he's either about to blow his load or pass out at any moment! Once he gets Trevor's dick in him, he is in total heaven! Joel rides Trevor's hard cock, with his own rock-hard dick pointing skyward as he is loving every bit of it. Trevor's expression also leaves no doubt how good he's feeling as he sinks his dick deep into Joel.

By the time all is said and done, Joel's covered in cum and both guys have content smiles on their faces!

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