Ty Fucks Austin Part Two

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Ty Fucks Austin Part Two

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Added: September 1, 2009 | Video Length: 18:56 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


No doubt, Austin's return should make plenty of you happy! We know Austin's a busy guy - heck, it took him ages to finally get the free time to come out and shoot with us after we'd first made contact with him. But, once he did finally come out, he blew people away and made quite a splash and the wait was well worth it. That's the case here, as well! It may have been awhile since we last saw him, but he's looking as good as ever and the wait has been more than worth it!

He's jumping right back in to things with both feet, also! Though Austin hasn't done anything with CF (or anything with guys, for that matter) since he was last out here, he's paired up with Ty, here... and bottoming! We all know Ty has himself quite the nice sized dick, so Austin was in for some pretty intense action when things kicked off. We also know, though, that Austin is a trooper. He doesn't hold back with anything he does, so I had no worries about his being able to take on Ty's cock despite his long absence and no worries about this being a hot pairing!

Sure enough, as things get started the guys waste no time making out heavily and going after one another. They feed off one another's energy, tongues and lips going at it as the clothes gradually come off. Ty goes down on Austin first, eagerly sucking his dick and working it with his tongue. He has Austin hard in no time, and soon Austin flips Ty on to his back to return the favor and take Ty's dick between his lips. Jerking the shaft with his hand while working over the head of Ty's cock with his lips and tongue, Austin has Ty moaning and writhing around on the bed.

By the time this first part of the video finishes, Ty's cock is rock hard and he's desperate to get it in to Austin's ass - which is precisely what happens in the second part of this vid (along with some post-sex bonus footage)!

This is where the big test comes! It's been almost half a year since Austin has been with a guy, and Ty's dick is long and thick. But Austin doesn't back down from anything, and he wasn't about to here! He sits down on Ty's cock, and we see Ty's dick slide deeper and deeper in to his hole. Grunting and groaning as Ty's dick works its way in to his ass, Austin takes it like a champ! Soon, his grunts and groans are interrupted by his begging, "Harder!" as he's not only managed to take Ty's dick in his hole, but is totally loving every single bit of it!

We know Ty is a total horn dog, and so you can only imagine just how in to it he's getting the more Austin makes it obvious just how great he's feeling and how much he loves having Ty's dick in him. Every groan and grunt, moan and whimper from Austin just turns Ty on more and more, so when Austin ends up face down on the bed with that incredible ass staring up at Ty as Ty pumps his dick in and out of it, Ty can't help but start to fuck harder and faster, getting every reaction he can out of Austin.

They keep fucking all over the bed, eventually working themselves back in to the position they'd started in, with Austin riding Ty's dick as it drives in and out of his hole. They're not in this position long before Austin's moans get louder and louder and the inevitable happens - he blasts a huge load all over Ty's chest! Getting sprayed in Austin's cum is all Ty can take, and after a few more fast paced pumps of Austin's hole, he pulls his dick out to shoot his own load all over his chest!

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