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Ty & Travis' Flip Flop

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Ty & Travis' Flip Flop

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Added: November 12, 2009 | Video Length: 20:43 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


People picked up on the chemistry between Ty and Travis during their first pairing immediately. Throughout that scene together, it was clear they were very much into one another and the action and were getting along incredibly well. There was no shortage of e-mails in response to that initial pairing demanding, "Let's see more of them together! With Travis on top this time!".

Truth be told, it helps to get e-mails reminding me to have Travis top! He's such an awesome bottom that I immediately think about having him get fucked whenever we get him into some action. Fact of the matter is, though, he's got loads of sexual energy and a nice, big dick and so there's no reason he can't deliver a good fuck as well as he receives them! Just to keep the Earth on its axis, though, this video is a flip flop! Yes, Travis tops. But he also gets fucked by Ty's big dick, as well! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have that happen! ;)

Travis looks just as fascinated by Ty's dick here as he was the first time he saw it. Once he pulls it out from Ty's briefs, he takes his time admiring it and softly stroking and licking it before finally taking the head into his mouth and sucking. He truly wanted to cherish every moment of getting that dick hard and wet and working it over with his mouth. Ty's certainly enjoying the attention Travis is paying to his cock throughout all of this, as well!

It's soon time for Travis' hot dick to get some attention, and he stands up so that Ty can lean forward, pull of his underwear, and take his dick into his mouth. Unlike Travis, Ty wastes no time in eagerly sucking on Travis' cock. His head is bobbing up and down fast as he does his best to take as much of Travis' dick into his mouth and taste as much of it as he can.

"Yeah, suck that dick!", Travis gasps.

Neither can get enough of it, Ty continuing to throat Travis' cock and Travis pumping his hips forward to fuck Ty's mouth.

It's Ty that's on the receiving end of things first, as he goes from sucking Travis' to getting down on his hands and knees on the bed and presenting his ass to him. In no time, Travis has his dick buried deep in Ty's ass and starts to pump in and out, holding on to his hips as he does so and making Ty gasp and moan.

I think Travis wanted to be sure to take the chance to show off the fact that he can give as good as he can take, and so really goes to work on Ty's ass! He moves his dick from side to side some, thrusts into Ty fast and hard, and really stretches Ty's hole with that big cock of his! Ty is loving it, his own big dick flopping around with each thrust! They continue to fuck fast and hard with Ty on his back, legs in the air.

If it were not for the fact that each knew just how hot it would be to switch places and have Ty fuck Travis, they might have kept going on in this position! Neither looked like he wanted it to end, both obviously loving it! In Part 2, though, they finally do get around to switching places and getting Travis fucked!

With Ty still on his back, Travis pulls out, gets up on the bed, and then sits down on Ty's dick. Once he's got it in him balls deep, Ty starts to pump up into him. By now, I think Travis has completely forgotten about the fact that he was just fucking Ty and is entirely focused on the fact that he's the one getting drilled!

Even as they change positions so that they can fuck doggy style, Travis can't wait to get Ty's dick back in him! He backs his ass up on to Ty's cock so that Ty can resume fucking him deep and hard. Grunting, whimpering and moaning those trademark noises of his, Travis is gripping the sheets hard and gritting his teeth as Ty splits his hole apart and fucks him!

It's all too much for Travis, and he starts spraying his load all over the place! I guess fucking Ty had gotten him closer and closer to the edge, so it didn't take too much of getting fucked for him to finally cum! Ty still has some more fucking in store, though, and continues to pump Travis' hole until pulling out to drench Travis' back in cum!

Both guys soaked in sweat and cum, they head off to the shower to clean up and come down from their intense session!

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