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Ty's First Time

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Ty's First Time

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Added: May 28, 2009 | Video Length: 23:44 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Though this is Ty's first time actually fucking a guy, it's not his first time fiddling around with guys. He's had some of what he refers to as drunken play and fun, and doesn't deny the fact that he was looking forward to fucking Travis here. He had even taken a look at Travis' scene with Josh, in which Travis had his now-famous hands-free cumshot, and decided at that point that he really wanted to go for trying to make Travis do that again! As Ty and Travis sit there on the bed chatting it up at the start of this video, Ty's very direct about the fact that he was wanting to fuck Travis and experience how much fun "going all the way" with a guy could be when it's with a guy that clearly loves it, craves it, and is so good at it!

For his part, Travis was also looking forward to this one! He'd heard that Ty was packing a pretty big dick, and so couldn't wait to take it on. Travis doesn't just appreciate how good it can feel to get fucked, but also appreciates how much better it can feel with on the receiving end of a long, thick cock.

So, these guys were just perfect for one another - Ty the super horny guy who is willing to try out just about any and everything that promises some physical pleasure and fun, and Travis the eager bottom who shamelessly loves a big dick inside him and getting his hole thoroughly worked over.

You can tell Travis can hardly contain his excitement when he finally gets Ty's dick out of his pants and starts to suck on it. He looks literally fascinated by the shape of Ty's cock, the size of his balls, and the prospect of getting that inside him. He's constantly breaking out into that trademark smile of his while sucking on it. Meanwhile, Ty looks like there's absolutely no place he'd rather be than on the receiving end of a blowjob from Travis... apart from, of course, with his dick buried in Travis' hole.

"You got a big dick!", Travis can't contain himself from blurting out at one point.

After some laughter at that, Ty asks Travis, "How far can you go?", encouraging him to try deep-throating it. Taking a dick all the way down his throat isn't Travis' specialty, though. Travis' intentions are to take that dick all the way up his ass, instead!

The atmosphere in this one is a bit hard to peg! As much lust and all-out horniness as there is between these two, it's also clear they're both just having a blast! It's like watching two good buddies playing around and just having themselves a good time, never afraid or hesitant to smile and laugh when they feel like it. Even when Travis slowly lowers himself on to Ty's cock and has this totally intent and focused look on his face, he can't help but again laugh and say, "You're dick is huge!".

Soon, that huge dick is driving in and out of Travis' ass, and you just know they're both loving every bit of that. I think that Travis' repeated comments about the size of Ty's dick were as much to remind himself of that fact and get himself all the more worked up to get it inside him as they were to engage Ty in some chatter.

Travis' dick is nothing to shake a stick at, either, and it's not long before it's as hard as can be, rivaling Ty's own cock in size and hardness while Ty reaches around to stroke Travis while he fucks him.

As you see inch after inch of Ty's cock slide in and out of Travis hole, you just know Travis is on cloud nine. Knowing how much Travis loves getting fucked, it's that much hotter seeing him get fucked by a big dick that he can not only appreciate and enjoy but that also does justice to how much he enjoys getting drilled!

Taking it hard and fast from behind, Travis is slowly stroking his own cock when he realizes he's getting closer and closer to shooting. Letting go of his dick and letting the big dick that's pounding all the right spots inside him finish the job, Travis again blows a load brought on by getting fucked! That completely blows Ty away and has him pumping harder and faster and moaning and groaning louder.

Knowing just how animated Ty can get when cumming, I had to wonder just how they'd manage as it was Ty's turn to blow his own load. Standing up, with Travis kneeling in front of him eager to take Ty's cum into his mouth and all over his face, Ty's spasm's and gyrations make for an extra hot sight as Travis has to almost fight to get as much of Ty's cum down his throat as possible. Travis never looked so eager and intent on getting someone's cum into his mouth as he does here, trying to keep up with Ty's jolts and spurts! Indeed, he almost looks starving and desperate for it!

After that hot session, the guys finish things off in the shower, their big dicks hanging their between their legs and both looking thoroughly satisfied and happy!

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