Zeke Fucks Dylan

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Zeke Fucks Dylan

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Added: May 26, 2009 | Video Length: 22:16 Minutes | Photos: 13 Photos


There's been a whole lot of hot things happening with cum here at CF lately. As funny as that sounds, it's an observation I could not have helped but make after this pairing. Among other things, there was Travis' spectacular, hands-free cumshot when he was getting fucked by Josh. Further, when Zeke fucked Travis, he couldn't help but cum almost as soon as they started fucking - and then continue to fuck Travis and blow another load! Over at ACS, TJ shot two massive loads while Teasing Dylan. Those are just a couple examples of all the cum flying everywhere as of late.

The action here involves yet another instance of an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise with cum! And it's Zeke doing it again, as well!

The prospect of seeing smaller-framed Dylan take on Zeke's big dick was a pretty exciting one, to say the least. There's no doubt Dylan enjoys getting fucked and this was certainly going to be the biggest dick he's taken on so far. He seemed more than eager for that and ready to give it a shot.

As things get going here, the guys just can't stop making out as they jerk each other off. The kissing is deep and passionate, and it was another one of those situations where I almost wondered whether they'd remember to move on to the fucking at all! Eventually, they were able to break their kisses and get into a hot 69, with Zeke sucking Dylan's hard cock while Dylan returned the favor on Zeke's big dick.

There's no doubt the guys were turned on and having a hot time here! Dylan was doing a masterful job working over Zeke's dick - so much so that, out of nowhere, Zeke ends up cumming! Watch as I scramble to capture it on camera! I'm zoomed into Zeke's face as he sucks Dylan's dick, and you see him suddenly start to squint and almost get this strained look on his face. He quickly lays back and grabs his cock and gives it a couple quick strokes before shooting a load all over his abs. Dylan really got a kick out of that, despite almost not knowing what to make of it all at first! As hot as that was, seeing Dylan start to lick Zeke's balls as Zeke's cumming was a pretty hot sight!

We'd seen Zeke cum while fucking Travis and yet have no problem staying hard and continuing to fuck him. The same thing happens here, as Dylan asks Zeke if he's still up for fucking him (I don't think Dylan had any intention of passing up that opportunity, early cumshot or no!). Zeke's more than ready, and we're soon treated to the image of Dylan bent over the side of the bed, Zeke's big cock splitting his ass. Dylan's own' dick is as hard as can be, pressed down on the mattress, as Zeke plugs his hole.

It's all Dylan can do to moan and groan, "Oh fuck!" as Zeke drills him. He looks like he definitely loves every single inch of Zeke's dick, and Zeke is loving Dylan's hole as he moans, "Oh yeah!" and grunts and pants.

As they move around to where Dylan's on his back, legs in the air, with Zeke fucking him, Dylan declares it's his turn to shoot and fires a load up and all over his chest. Buy now, Zeke was ready to cum a second time, and shoots all over Dylan's chest as well!

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