Abel & Kate

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Abel & Kate

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Added: September 9, 2009 | Video Length: 15:34 Minutes | Photos: 22 Photos


Abel was quite looking forward to filming this video for us and getting into some action with a girl on camera. As we were getting ready for this scene and preparing to film it, he had been grinning and even chuckling to himself over and over, clearly amused and finding something hilarious.

"What's so funny?", I asked him.

He grinned ear to ear and said, "I just can't believe this! It's so cool!".

"What can't you believe?", I asked.

"That I'm getting paid to fuck a girl on camera," was his response. "That people might want to see it that bad!".

I know I definitely wanted to see it that bad! I guess I can see where he was coming from, though. A hot, young Southern stud like Abel must surely have no problem getting laid and no doubt has himself quite a lot of sex, quite often. The idea that he can actually make money doing it and there were total strangers out there eager to see him do it was something he just couldn't help but get a huge kick out of!

With that tight and defined build, hot ass, great tan, and rock-hard dick, Abel is definitely worth filming and watching! It was so hot seeing just how into the action he was and how great he was feeling. All throughout the action here, he looks totally mesmerized by it all and totally consumed by how good his dick feels sliding in and out of a tight, wet hole. His own stomach is so flat, with such defined abs, that you can really see every single muscle in his torso move and flex as the pumps and thrusts, showing off that hot body of his.

When he blows his load, he's grunting and groaning as loud as could be as he has himself an incredibly intense orgasm that was obviously building up for awhile!

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