Adrian & Kate

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Adrian & Kate

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Added: July 29, 2009 | Video Length: 17:39 Minutes | Photos: 23 Photos


Finally! Time to see this stud in action! I'd been looking forward to filming Adrian in a sex scene for quite some time and so was thrilled to finally be getting to do so when it came time for him to get in front of our cameras with Kate and fuck!

Adrian went over extremely well with CF's members when he first appeared over at ACM, and it's not hard to see why as the action here gets rolling! Standing up on the bed with Kate sucking on his hard dick (that's as stiff as can be and pointing out at a 45 degree angle) his body looks incredible. Certainly, that combination of a very youthful face and a totally ripped and buff body go over quite well here! Adrian has that combo to an extreme - a face as youthful as can be, and a physique that is amazingly chiseled and awesome. Of course, that's just my opinion. ;)

I loved watching and filming just how into the sex he got here. When he is getting sucked, the pleasure he's feeling is totally obvious in his face. Further, when he goes down to eat out the girl he dives in there like a man on a mission! Then, with those muscles flexing and while giving us a great view of those abs, biceps, and that ass, he gets up and slides his thick, hard dick into Kate and wastes no time starting to fuck fast and hard!

One of the sexiest things about him while he's fucking is that face of his. Sometimes, he has the slightest smirk on it. Other times, a look of total concentration. Throughout, his facial expressions betray just how good he's feeling and how into it he is.

While on his back, Kate riding him as he thrusts up into her hard and fast, he keeps going back and forth between throwing his head back in pleasure and holding it up to look forward and watch as his dick pumps in and out of her.

You can tell he's getting closer and closer to cumming as his pumps get faster and the look on his face gets more and more serious! Finally, Kate pulls off his cock when he makes it clear he's ready to blow! She grabs Adrian's dick to give him a few strokes, and then he's blasting a huge load all over the place! His first shot flies clear over his head - I still have no idea where it landed, though it might have been in a different time zone! He continues firing off big spurts, with some landing on the sheets next to his head and others splattering all over that awesome chest while he grunts, groans, moans and practically yells in pleasure. If that orgasm felt as good as it looked, no wonder he made so much noise!

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