Austin & Ashley

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Austin & Ashley

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Added: January 19, 2011 | Video Length: 16:10 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


Even though he's straight, Austin loves to get fucked. There's just something about a good prostate massage he can't resist. Who can? Even so, Austin still loves the ladies. Especially hot blondes.

Austin and Ashley had never played together before, so it was past time to let this straight stud show us what he likes to get up to when he's in his element. Ashley has great chemistry with almost everyone, but with Austin, they seemed like a match made in sexual heaven!

“Come here, cowboy,” Ashley says. They kiss and Austin fumbles at getting her bra off. They both laugh. I'm sure he's thinking he's been on the guy-guy side of things too long if he can't get a girl's bra off!

Ashley has no complaints, though. She's loving Austin's perfectly sculpted bod, powerful chest and thick arms. He also struggles with her jeans, and laughs in his sexy Southern drawl, “It's like you don't want me to get in there!” I think he knows better!

She massages his rock-hard cock through his underwear. Austin eats her out as she kneels over his face. He sticks his tongue in deep. She 69s him, sucking his thick dick as he continues to eat her tight pussy. Ashley jumps on his cock to ride him.

Austin cowboys up, drilling her as she bounces up and down on him. Ashley gets on all fours so Austin can pound her from behind. He's an affectionate guy anytime, but he really enjoys kissing Ashley's lips and shoulders in between thrusts of his hot cock.

Ashley lays down and Austin goes to work again licking her wet pussy. He's a master at it, judging from her moans. Austin's pretty vocal as well, groaning deliciously as he jackhammers her. Austin's bubble butt looks amazing as he churns away, his cock pleasing Ashley tremendously.

Austin rubs her tits while he holds her legs up. He rams her hard and fast. Laying on their sides, Ashley laughs that he's wearing her out. He says, “We're just getting started!” He sticks his dick back inside her and pounds away, fingering her as he fucks her.

Ashley blows him, determined to drive him crazy with just her mouth. His dick is so sensitive now, he involuntarily jerks back a bit. She continues to suck him and Austin face fucks her hard. Ashley sits on Austin's cock and he drills her deeply.

Austin's driving Ashley wild. She begs him to fuck her even harder. He shoots an incredible load all over her stomach. Austin shakes visibly from such an intense orgasm. The cum keeps on leaking out and he kisses her, out of breath.

I don't know if he'll ever realize how hot he was in that moment, barely able to hold himself up from such a powerful orgasm. But thankfully, we got it all on camera!

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