Austin & Cade's Bi Tag Team

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Austin & Cade's Bi Tag Team

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Added: February 12, 2009 | Video Length: 11:13 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


I love filming tag team videos! I've mentioned before how you always end up having this hot dynamic to the videos because the guys end up competing with one another, though in an unspoken way, to see who can fuck the hardest and fastest. They also can't help but check one another out and be turned on by sharing a girl as well as having another guy right there seeing them in action.

Even with veteran studs like Austin and Cade, those elements can't help but be present when they're both having fun with a girl here! As far as seeing who can fuck the hardest and fastest, I think Cade wins that contest during this session! Austin fucks like a champ, too, but Cade definitely reminds us of why he's "The Machine"!

The action here is essentially a straight tag team - two guys taking turns fucking a girl. But Cade and Austin couldn't help but sneak in a little bit of kissing and jerking each other off early on! Eventually, though, the guys focus entirely on fucking hard and fucking fast. Austin's the first one to go at it and he pounds away fiercely. While fucking, you can see him occasionally look up at Cade to see what kind of reaction he's getting out of him. Likewise, you can see Cade pretty mesmerized by what's taking place right in front of him.

Once Austin's blown a huge load all over the place, it's Cade's turn to do some fucking. He really starts to jackhammer hard and fast and his hips are almost a total blur as he goes to work! Even though he just shot his load, Austin's getting sucked by the girl and still having fun as Cade's going at it. Thankfully, Cade soon blows his own load! I was almost relieved he'd cum as I just wasn't sure how long either he or the girl could keep going at that furious pace!

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