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Austin & Dawson's Bi Tag Team

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Austin & Dawson's Bi Tag Team

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Added: November 6, 2008 | Video Length: 16:28 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


This is one of those videos that almost had the camera lenses fogging over, the action was so intense!

We know just how much Dawson loves sex and how he loves to fuck and get off. We've also seen just how eagerly Austin takes to sex on camera and how much he's been thoroughly enjoying his experiences here at CF. So when you get both of these guys together in a hardcore bi 3-way with a girl, the possibilities are endless!

Things are intense from the get go, with Austin and Dawson kissing and making out in a way only two masculine and horny young men can. I was blown away by how much passion they showed with one another and how clearly into kissing one another they both were. Indeed, it seemed like they wanted to lock lips and get their tongues into one another's mouths every chance they could!

It wasn't just the kissing between them that was intense, however. While going down on the girl or even fucking her, they also couldn't wait to feel each other up, play with each other's cock or ass, and get into it with one another as much as they were the girl. Oftentimes, in a bi 3-way, the guys end up kind of competing to see who can get into it the most with the girl. However, when you have two guys that are as enthusiastic and energetic, as well as experienced with fellow CF studs, as Austin and Dawson it was as if they were doing all they could to be as fully involved with one another and as much in contact with one another despite the girl! That's quite a big deal when it's two straight guys in the 3-way and really says a lot about how each has grown in their time at CF!

As much as each of these studs loves eating out a girl, it was clear Austin loved it all the more when doing it with Dawson's dick pounding his ass! Likewise, Dawson obviously enjoyed it that much more while fucking Austin! Their orgasms were intense and powerful and they were each insanely turned on not only by the fact that the other was there, but by all they got to do with one another during this scorching hot 3-way!

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