Connor & Austin's Bi Tag Team 2

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Connor & Austin's Bi Tag Team 2

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Added: September 18, 2009 | Video Length: 19:29 Minutes | Photos: 23 Photos


When Austin came back after his recent absence, getting him in some bi action was a top priority! We've seen him at some of his hottest while going at it in a 3way with another guy and a girl, and I knew it'd be no exception this time around. While Austin's not alone in totally digging these bi 3ways, he just seems to really stand out in them!

Perhaps it's because he just as eagerly gets fucked by his fellow CF studs in them as he fucks the girl. Who knows?! Whatever the reason, I love filming them, and he loves doing them!

He and Connor have been in this position before! They've had some great interaction with one another in a past bi video, but they've also both come a long way since that last 3way. I was eager to see just how things would progress here, as Connor has really opened up to guy/guy action since their last 3way and Austin had been away for awhile.

As you'll see, it takes them no time at all to get right in to things and start going at it. The image of both Austin and Kate attacking Connor's big dick with their mouths is a hot one, indeed, and Austin looks just as happy to suck Connor's cock as he is to plant his face between Kate's legs and eat her out.

By the time Connor starts sliding his dick in and out of Kate while Austin's getting a blowjob from her at the other end, the bed is squeaking and shaking and all three and grunting and groaning. With his audience (Austin) directly in front of him, Connor makes it a point to fuck Kate as deep as that hot dick of his will go, and that spurs Austin on to fuck like a total stud himself when it's his turn to put his cock where Connor's had just been! While pumping in and out of Kate, Austin is also sure to lean forward and swallow Connor's cock, doing everything he can in a situation like this that makes for so many possibilities!

Both of the guys are totally caught up in all the intense action as they share Kate between them, but eventually it's time for Austin to be on the receiving end of Connor's cock! Bent over doggy style with his face between Kate's legs, Austin soon has Connor's dick sliding in to his ass and pumping in and out of him!

By this point, Kate is all but forgotten! She doesn't seem to mind, though, as she loves the sight of two guys fucking right in front of her and sits back to enjoy the show with us as Connor fuck's a massive load out of Austin that just keeps spurting and spurting out of his dick, all over his abs, and on to the bed. That's all Connor can handle, as he then pulls his own dick out of Austin's ass to shoot off a load on to Austin's balls and legs!

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