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Connor & Austin's Bi Tag Team

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Connor & Austin's Bi Tag Team

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Added: November 20, 2008 | Video Length: 16:22 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


As you're likely aware and I've made reference to before, there is often a noticeable progression in the way straight CF studs take to bi videos that totally fascinates me. In their first bi video, there can be some clear hesitance to fully engage with the other guy. A guy will clearly be more into the girl and touch, interact and make out with her in a much more natural and enthusiastic way, while looking a bit awkward when doing the same with the other guy they're also with. It's as if they kind of have to remind themselves there is another guy there and they are supposed to have fun with him, as well as the girl.

Oftentimes, that awkwardness wears off part way through the video. As their physical sensations overrule any kind of inhibitions or hangups or they beginto realize that it's actually rather hot being in a 3-way with another guy, they're more at ease and comfortable with doing just as much with the guy that's there as they're doing with the girl!

The ultimate point is when both of the guys, despite being straight, can be just as into the other guy that's there and just as eager and willing to do all they can with him as with the girl, right from the start of the action and as naturally as can be.

That is where Connor and Austin are at here. Both of these guys have come to fully appreciate just how much fun it can be to have sex with another man, as well as appreciate another guy's physique. You can see in their faces, as they reach out and feel up each other's ripped muscles, that the body of another guy - as muscular and as firm as their own - intrigues them and fascinates them in a way no girl's body can.

Unlike what is often the case in their earliest bi experiences, the other guy makes the entire experience here a heck of a lot hotter, as opposed to slightly awkward! They're turned on not just by what they're doing with the other guy, but by the fact that the other guy is there in the first place!

You can just tell that as much as Austin loves eating a girl out, he is fired up by it all the more when Connor's big dick is fucking him while he does it; as much as Connor enjoys having a girl go down on him, he's enjoying it all the more as he makes out with another buff, masculine stud while it's happening; as hot as it is to fuck a girl, it's that much hotter to do so while sucking on a dick at the same time! So, whereas the girl often serves as the catalyst in those early bi experiences and her presence alone plays such a huge part in getting the guys comfortable enough to do anything with one another at all, eventually she's just one of three equal reactants (my old chemistry teacher would be so proud)!

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