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Hugh and Chloe

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Hugh and Chloe

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Added: August 12, 2009 | Video Length: 14:53 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Finally! The opportunity to see big-dicked Hugh in action! Granted, his initial solo over on ACM involved a lot more action than usual! With that tight build and big dick, Hugh is one of those lucky guys that can actually suck his own cock, and he did precisely that during his solo video with us. So, I guess we can't say we've never seen him get sucked (or suck, for that matter) before!

The prospect of seeing him fuck with that big dick of his had me thoroughly excited leading up to the filming of this video, though. I don't recall if Chloe had any idea what Hugh was packing down there or had any clue what she was in for, but once Hugh's pants come off and her hands reach down for that cock, she quickly was made aware of just what Hugh was equipped with and what she was in store for!

I can't help but think about all the girls who have experienced that thrilling moment of discovery with Hugh. You meet this incredibly cute guy with engaging and captivating eyes, handsomely boyish features and a tight and defined body and find yourself lucky enough to be hooking up with him - kissing those hot lips and running your hands over his body. Through his jeans you feel that hard dick straining against the fabric. It seems like it's pretty big, but you've yet to actually see or grip it to know for sure. Then, as those pants are removed and boxers pulled down, that big, thick cock reveals itself and you realize you've hit the jackpot! Hot, sexy, and hung! In many ways, we all experienced the same thing when Hugh was first introduced at ACM! Seeing that face made it clear we were dealing with a total hottie; hearing him answer Pete's questions endeared him to us all the more; once that dick came out, we were in love! At least, that's how it was for me ;)

Just jerking himself off, Hugh gets thoroughly in to it and is extremely expressive. During sex, he's the same way! While getting that dick of his sucked, he pants and grunts and moans and you can tell he's enjoying every bit of it. The noises he makes and the looks on his face tell it all - along with that big cock of his being as stiff and hard as can be while he pumps and thrusts away.

Hugh doesn't rely on cocksize alone, though. He knows how to fuck and how to work that dick, and he furiously pounds away once the fucking starts - the room totally full of the sounds of slapping flesh, moans, grunts, groans, pants and whimpers. Of course, ACS is all about the guys. But let's give credit where credit is due - Chloe takes Hugh's pounding like a champ!

I almost expected Hugh to blow his load just seconds in to the fucking as he looked so overcome by it all and kept gasping in pleasure. Throughout the fucking, there were countless moments at which I was totally sure he was set to pull that big dick out and blast a load. But Hugh had no intention of finishing early, and had lots of fast-paced and furious fucking in store before letting that dick spew it's load. He was having fun and wanted it to last!

Finally, after lots of intense, hard, and deep pounding, he actually slows it down and gets in to a smooth and steady, easy rhythm - savoring every sensation and drawing out his orgasm and intense feelings before pulling his dick out and blowing his load!

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