Jared & Simon's Bi Tag Team

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Jared & Simon's Bi Tag Team

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Added: February 5, 2010 | Video Length: 17:12 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Neither of these young guys are strangers to some hot, bi, threeway action! We've seen each get in to some bi fun here at ACS, and we've also seen that each thoroughly enjoys it! So I was only happy to get them in to some more hot, threeway action and see Jared and Simon have themselves another round of hot fun!

As things kick off, Jared and Simon can't keep their hands off one another. They're making out deeply and their hands are roaming across one another's bodies while Addison peels their clothes off and pulls their cocks out. The guys are hard right away, each eagerly anticipating the action that's to follow. It's not long after Jared's hard cock is pulled out of his pants that Simon has it in his mouth, sucking on it and using his lips to work over the head.

Both guys get their last bits of clothes off, and Simon again gets Jared's cock back in his mouth as soon as he can, sucking on it while Addison sucks him.

Jared's big dick looks pretty hot sticking out from his lean body like that, and Simon must have been thinking the same thing as he's soon lowering himself down on to it, feeling it slide in to his hole as Addison is still sucking him!

Simon looks like he can barely handle all of the intense feelings as Jared's big dick fucks his ass and Addison swallows his cock! When he's not moaning and groaning, he's swinging his head around to kiss Jared deep as his ass gets fucked. The guys then move around so that they're facing one another as Jared fucks Simon and Simon gets his cock sucked.

Both guys are ready to blow their loads now, and they each take turns fucking Addison fast and hard, pulling out to blast off their loads all over her!

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