Jeff and Trevor II Tag Team

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Jeff and Trevor II Tag Team

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Added: March 20, 2007 | Video Length: 13:54 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


I really dig filming tag teams. Obviously, we've filmed a ton of straight guys here at CF. Even before some of them choose to give the CF Education a shot, I usually can't help but ask if they've ever had a tag team with a buddy. No guy/guy touching or anything like that, but just sharing the same girl at the same time. What really turns me on is that most every single guy I ask, regardless of how unfathomable the idea of guy-on-guy sex is for them, has either had a tag team, thought about it, or is very open to the idea.

The reason that's such a turn on for me is I can't help but think about two super hot straight studs being in close proximity, fully naked, each hard as a rock, doing what would normally be the most private thing right there in front of one another. Sure, there's no touching between them. And sure, there's nothing overtly same-sex about the whole affair. But there's still something deliciously naughty there :) It's the same reason, I suppose, that the thought of a couple straight buds jerking off in the presence of one another is hot. They could each be focused on a porn movie on the tv or something, but the fact that they're right there next to each other, undoubtedly stealing the occasional glance at one another, and that comfortable with each other is hot!

What can I say? I can't help but think about that kind of stuff! :) With Trevor and Jeff tag teaming a girl together, it all gets that much hotter! These two young men are studs, each completely and totally as hot as can be! These blond Adonises each have tight and lean bods, big dicks, incredible asses, and flawless faces. Seeing them fuck is, in and of itself, incredible. Seeing them fuck together, right next to one another, obviously feeding off of one another's energy is too hot. And if there's one thing doing what I do has taught me after all these years, even the most straight of straight studs can't help but be curious as to how it looks when another guy blows his load!

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