Jeff & Jasmine

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Jeff & Jasmine

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Added: February 13, 2007 | Video Length: 12:28 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


"More Jeff! More Jeff! More Jeff!" The demands have come in loud and clear... and that's just been from me! Add all your e-mails to the mix and there's a massive chorus of voices calling for more of this hot, young stud in action!

Can any of us be blamed for wanting to see more of Jeff? Certainly not! This 18yo college stud is lean, tight-bodied, defined, has a hot cock, and an insanely hot face! Without a doubt, he's someone you just have to see in action - those hips thrusting that hard dick of his in and out of a tight hole; that face going flush as he gets closer and closer to blowing his load; those muscles tightening and flexing as he pumps away; the view of that hot ass as he moves up and down.

I sure as heck am a fan of Jeff's, and I'm not alone! :) For such a young guy, Jeff certainly isn't lacking in experience when it comes to having fun with the ladies. He shared some pretty wild stories with us in his intro video over on ACM, and so I knew we had ourselves a college stud that would be up for showing off his skills on camera. After his first video here on ACS, he was more than eager to come back and film another video with another lucky lady and show off for us some more. Thank goodness for that!

I suspect that, although we're all being treated to the "More Jeff!" we've been so eager to see with this video, the calls for even more of this stud in action will just get louder - from myself and you! Let's hope we do indeed get to see plenty more of this stud in the hot action we have here with this latest Jeff video!

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