Josh & Trey's Bi Tag Team

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Josh & Trey's Bi Tag Team

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Added: February 4, 2011 | Video Length: 15:15 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Trey's a verbal guy under any circumstances. But with Josh and new girl Tina in bed with him – he can't stop talking dirty!

They cut to the chase when Trey tells Josh to “take the top. ” Trey goes down to get Tina out of her pants. Josh goes from kissing her to sucking on her tits. Trey licks her crotch. The guys kiss, then trade places.

Josh eats her out. Trey sucks her tit and she tells him she wants to suck his cock. He smiles and calls her a “dirty girl.” He pulls his big dick out and says, “Suck that cock. Spit on it.”

Tina sucks his dick hard. Trey fingers her. Now she wants Josh to suck Trey's dick, and he swallows it to the root. “Oh, put it deep in your mouth!” Trey says and moans. Tina takes over blow-job duties as Josh goes back down on her.

But someone's getting a little left out! Josh pulls off his pants and tells them to work on him for a while. Tina and Trey eagerly suck every inch of Josh's cock. They kiss and lick his hot body and fill their mouths with his dick.

Josh bangs Tina doggy-style as she begs for it. She whimpers with pleasure as Josh slams into her and Trey smacks her ass. Trey feeds her his big cock and spanks her again.

Trey fingers her as she gets spitroasted. “That's fantastic,” Trey says. Josh asks if Trey wants a turn inside her. Of course he does! She turns around and Trey shoves his dick into her.

Tina sucks Josh's cock as Trey jackhammers her. She moans as she gets stuffed from both ends. The guys kiss. Josh gets behind Trey and fucks him as he's fucking Tina.

Josh slams into Trey's ass as he pounds into Tina. Trey's in the middle of a hot bi-sandwich he's loving it! Josh tells him to ride his dick.

Trey gets up on Josh's thick cock and rides him in a reverse-cowboy. Tina jerks Trey's cock as he gets fucks. She works a huge load out of his head! Cum sprays all over his ripped abs and chest.

“Cum on me!” Trey says, out of breath. Josh pulls out and shoots a massive load all over Trey's cock and balls. Trey rubs their cocks together.

Trey asks Tina if that was hot. She says it was, then sucks their cocks dry before they all kiss.

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