TJ & Dawson's 4 Way

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TJ & Dawson's 4 Way

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Added: January 15, 2008 | Video Length: 13:00 Minutes | Photos: 8 Photos


As comfortable as so many of our straight studs have become having fun with other guys, they're still straight and still ever-eager to get it on with girls. Don't get me wrong! It's hot as hell to see these studs with other guys, enjoying all of the incredible things they can do with a fellow, ripped, masculine college man and exploring new territory. I love to watch it, I love to film it, and I love to see these guys' reactions while they're doing it.

But I also love seeing how their newfound comfort with other guys plays out even when they're in their more natural setting of getting it on with a college girl! That's one of the reasons bi videos turn me on so much, and a main reason I'm always eager to film two guys in action with one or more girls all at the same time.

This video isn't a bi video per se. Both Dawson and TJ are more focused on their female partners and the whole point of the video was to see them take turns fucking two girls and having the hot, intense straight sex that comes naturally to them. But some of their respective CF Educations couldn't help but sneak into this video as Dawson and TJ were so incredibly comfortable with one another and having sex side-by-side that they do a little feeling each other up and a fair bit of making out while having sex with the girls.

Two ripped, hot college studs each pounding a girl, while passionately making out with one another on and off. Now that's hot!

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