Best Buds 3

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Best Buds 3

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Added: December 28, 2006 | Video Length: 20:30 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


OK, call me greedy but the cum hadn't even dried from Ben and TJ's first ever foray into guy-on-guy sex with one another when I was pleading with them to take things even further and not just stroke and suck one another but fuck, fuck and FUCK! The thought of these guys going all the way, after so many years of being friends and entertaining quiet, unspoken thoughts about experimenting with one another, was almost too much to handle! I had to see it, had to film it, and had to share it with you!

Well, if the Best Buds video in which TJ and Ben made out, stroked each other off, and sucked one another lit a fire in you, it most certainly did the same in each of them! There was no turning back now, and no holding back either! These guys wanted this to happen, and I even think they're each more grateful for the opportunity to do it here for us than we are for the opportunity to see it all!

After just a few seconds of shyness and hesitation at the beginning of this video, it's all out sex from that point on! They can barely keep their hands off of one another once first contact is established, and after swapping bjs, Ben soon has his hard cock buried deep within his best friend's ass, slamming away and driving them both over the top!

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