Connor Fucks Austin

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Connor Fucks Austin

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Added: September 24, 2008 | Video Length: 13:05 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


To say that Austin's progress here at CFU has surprised me to no end would be an understatement. Since his bottoming vid with Dawson, I've received more e-mails than I can count saying that was the best first time bottoming vid we've ever filmed here at CF. That's quite a bold statement, given the hundreds upon hundreds of videos on the site (included among them a great many first time bottoming vids) but I can certainly see why so many people feel that way!

Though Connor took a little while longer to get fully accustomed to guy/guy action, his first bottoming video was also quite intense. Lucas held nothing back as he pounded Connor's hole and Connor caught me off guard by just how much he loved it and how much he got into it.

With both of these studs having proven themselves not just able but entirely willing to have some intense, hardcore fun with another guy it was a must that they be paired up together.

Things are intimate and intense from the get go with both of these guys in a deep make out session. Soon thereafter, Connor's standing up on the bed - his muscular, tall frame visible in all its glory - as Austin furiously and eagerly sucks his cock. Both of these guys are totally hard as their pants come off, and I love that visual of seeing two hard dicks spring forth from inside their pants as they get naked. As ready as I was to film this action, they were ready to get into it!

I knew we were in for some extra fun once Connor had Austin on his shoulders, legs in the air, prepping his hole with his fingers and tongue. I never thought I'd ever get to see Connor rimming another guy's ass so deep and so eagerly!

By this point, the guys didn't just want to fuck. They wanted to FUCK! After Austin asks for it, Connor buries his dick into Austin's hole - and then proceeds to pull it all the way out and plunge it back in a few times before settling into a fast, hard motion.

Eventually the guys are laying down on their sides, Connor holding one of Austin's legs up as he fucks him from behind. There are moments when he's looking deep into Austin's eyes, as well as where he's leaning into kiss Austin and lick his nipples. All of it ends up being too much for him, and it seems like he's almost surprised by his approaching orgasm! Once he's shot his load all over Austin's balls, Austin can't help but cum all over his own abs immediately thereafter.

No doubt, these two developed quite the connection and chemistry and both are fully aware of how much they're enjoying this newfound kind of action!

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