Lucas & Travis' Bi Tag Team

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Lucas & Travis' Bi Tag Team

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Added: December 4, 2008 | Video Length: 17:35 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


You've likely noticed quite an increase in the frequency of bi vids appearing here on ACS. I'll let you know that part of that was a conscious decision on my part to film more of them because they're just so much fun to film. Another big part of it, however, was the fact that the guys were wanting to film more of them, enjoying them so much, and so eager to participate in them!

Most of our guys are indeed straight, and while they've come to appreciate just how much fun can be had with another man, they've not forgotten about just how much they love sex with girls as well! A very welcome side effect of the CF Education is that the guys are able to appreciate just how awesome a hot, hardcore bisexual 3-way can be! Not only can they do all of the things they've discovered are so fun to do with other guys - get into some sweaty action with another masculine, muscular, athletic guy; get to experience how great it can feel to get fucked; be up close and personal with another stud that is just as built and ripped as they are - but they can also do the straight stuff they've known for so long, are more naturally inclined to, and clearly still get quite the kick out of!

One of the things I really enjoy about filming these bi vids is just how eagerly and enthusiastically the guys approach them. While one could assume a straight stud would be more eager about a bi vid than they would a guy/guy vid, what I'm actually talking about is that extra energy they bring to it above and beyond what is often seen in their one-on-one scenes with girls! The competitiveness factor is always key here, as the guys are often driven to fuck that much harder and be that much more intense when another guy is right there alongside them than if there was no other man there. That adds a whole dimension that you simply can't fabricate or force! And the outcome is always so hot!

No doubt, another factor that has made filming bi scenes so fun as of late is Travis! You know you're going to get some intense action when Travis is involved, and so many of our recent bi vids have involved hardcore, super hot ass-fucking thanks to his being a part of them (he just loves to get fucked!). So, with an eager young stud like Travis and the always-hot, always-intense, CF master Lucas also involved... well... let's just say it's during videos like this that I stand there filming them and thinking to myself, "I love my job!!!"

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