TJ & Julie

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TJ & Julie

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Added: April 17, 2007 | Video Length: 12:37 Minutes | Photos: 8 Photos


Finally, we get to see super stud TJ in action with a lady! What's funny is that although this is his first appearance here on AmateurCollegeSex, it's actually the second time TJ had sex with a girl here at CF.

How's that work? When TJ and his best bud Ben came down for their very first shoot here at CF, they were each scheduled to have a go at a lucky young college girl for ACS. Lo and behold, Ben and TJ are as mischievous as they are hot! Late at night, both of these studs managed to sneak out on to the town and meet up with a local girl that they proceeded to have a wild night with, from what they eventually told me when fessing up. Suffice to say, this got me pretty angry (we're all for hot sex down here at CF, but it has to be in front of the cameras!). We didn't shoot the male/female scenes with either Ben or TJ that weekend, as they were canceled.

Fast forward to just recently, when I realized that because of that incident - that we all look back on and laugh about today - I'd still had yet to capture studly TJ in action with a girl! I guess I was too distracted by the excitement and thrill of getting best buds TJ and Ben to explore what we've since seen them explore! Can you blame me?

Well, this long-awaited video is finally here, and it's definitely a scorcher! TJ's certainly buffed up since he first came down, and so he's looking bigger and more ripped than ever in this vid. He's also rockhard from the get to - I think he was insanely thrilled to finally be getting the chance to bang a girl for us to see! He gets into it right from the start, prepping the hole he's about to bury that big dick into with eager and extended tongue and finger play. After some intense fucking, TJ blows a huge load all over the lucky girl's chest. All in all, this hot session is yet another reminder of why TJ's such a stud and why we love having him here at CF - he and his bud Ben's mischief aside! ;)

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