Scandalous In Scandinavia - Brayden Submits To Josh

Scandalous In Scandinavia - Brayden Submits To Josh

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Added: January 25, 2014 | Video Length: 29:01 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


The extended b-roll included with this intense Scandalous in Scandinavia scene really makes it apparent just how the action came about and why this is such a wild video! Josh and Brayden most definitely bonded on this trip; their shared sexual interests are a big part of why they ended up getting along so well together. While hanging out, they get to discussing some of their kinks and fetishes and with every revelation, they find out they have more and more in common. Getting them to go beyond just talking about their kinks and actually acting out on them was a must! While "Brayden Submits to Josh" is the title of this wild video, "Josh Takes Control of Brayden" could just as easily have been the title. Either way, Josh is in command, Brayden gets that hot ass used, and both of these guys love every second of it!

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