Best Buds

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Best Buds

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Added: August 14, 2006 | Video Length: 13:51 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


As you know, Ben and TJ have been really good friends for awhile now. In fact, it was TJ that mentioned he was going to shoot a solo video with us to Ben, and that in turn got Ben interested in coming out to do a shoot for us as well! I was thrilled to get them both down here for a shoot, and thrilled even more about the possibilities that came out of having a couple of close, straight buddies in for a shoot! ;)

It didn't take long for me to approach both of them and ask "Would you guys be up for filming a jack off scene together?" They were a bit taken aback by the question, and immediately had a bunch of questions of their own, mainly revolving around "Uh... would we have to touch each other?" hehe! Well, I wasn't going to hit them with something like that so soon, so I assured them that all I really had in mind was their each jacking off next to one another, at the same time, on the same room, with no touching required. What I mainly wanted to see was how these guys interacted with one another while stroking their dicks side by side. They'd told me they had never done anything like that before, though they had each had sex with a girl in the same room, with each coupling doing its best to ignore the other. It's pretty hot thinking of both of these young studs going at it with a girl right there in the same room as one another, but it was even hotter for me to think about these two guys being right there next to their buddy, comparing techniques and seeing one another get off!

So here we have TJ and Ben - two guys that have been best friends for years and years - doing something in front of our cameras that they'd never done in all the years they've known each other and sharing something for the first time, for all of us to see! I think you are really going to enjoy this vid, with each of the guys talking to each other and obviously getting a kick out of not only jerking off in front of their best friend, but also being there while their best friend jerks himself off! Both of these guys are incredibly hot, and witnessing this shared moment between them as it happens for the first time ever is just too much fun!

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