Ben & TJ's Bi Tag Team

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Ben & TJ's Bi Tag Team

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Added: August 21, 2007 | Video Length: 14:18 Minutes | Photos: 8 Photos


Ben and TJ were perfect candidates for a scorching hot bi vid.

As the guys eventually decided, after first arriving here at CF, that they were willing to give guy/guy stuff a shot and we all got into encouraging them to explore sexual fun with one another one-on-one, a bi threesome video with them ended up getting pushed to the back burner though I kept telling myself how much I wanted to shoot one. Thankfully, we finally got around to doing just that!

While I'm kicking myself for having waited so long, I think it actually worked out perfectly that they've done so much guy/guy stuff with one another and with other CF studs before getting around to this video. If we'd had them do a bi video early in their CF/Best Buds education, I don't think the action would have been as hot as it is in this video! They would have been too focused on the girl, a bit nervous and hesitant to do stuff with one another, and most likely unfamiliar with how to go about making it a genuinely bi video - a video in which the guys are just as eager to go down on one another as they are to go down on the girl and are just as enthusiastic about making out with one another as they are the girl.

You really see that in this video - going from eating out the girl to swallowing each others' cocks is a seamless transition. They simply can't get enough of one another, while at the same time being unable to get enough of the girl! They're both rock hard throughout, and couldn't have been more turned on! In fact, they got so worked up in the 3-way foreplay that by the time they got to fucking their lucky coed friend, they were already at the edge of bursting and came quick and powerfully!

You know Best Buds TJ and Ben have really reached a remarkable stage in not only their friendship but their CF education when hot sex with a girl is made that much hotter by having one another to play with right there as well!

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